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relaxx saves the day! I was going crazy looking for this "belt" that goes with a skirt that I dryclean. I was hoping to wear the skirt for an event that I had coming up in the next 2 days and could not possibly wear the skirt without the appropriate belt (could you?). "Checking my voicemail later that day, I had a message from Will at relaxx Dry cleaning wondering if I was missing a "black silk sash-type thing"... YES!!! That is my belt... SO happy that it was found AND they delivered it to my office. Awesome service - my skirt would have never been the same again without that "black silk sash-type thing." "Woo-Hoo!!" 3 stars for convenience? 2 for service" Relaxx Dry Cleaning really does allow me to "Relaxx." They pick up my orders for FREE and always return my clothes on time and clean. These guys are nice and professional - they really do everything they can to keep their customers happy. The website lets me pick my service dates, leave special instructions and set up automatic payments. They also offer shoe repair and alterations. A one-stop shop and I will never go anywhere else!
-Jeanene J.

Pleased with the quality of their dry cleaning and their drivers are very friendly. Convenient and they went out of their way to pick up and drop off our clothes when we would be home (did not want them to leave on the doorknob because we were concerned someone might take our clothes)."Their prices are somewhat more expensive than dropping off clothes at your local cleaners, but the convenience of having them pickup and deliver to your home or business is worth the time you'll save.  Be careful to read the fine print or you may get charged some fees you didn't anticipate (fuel surcharges, etc.) "I got a gift card for half price from Half Price San Diego.
-Daniel K.

If you know me then you know that I'm a fan of the environment. relaxx Dry Cleaning picks up and delivers to my front door. Less cars on the road means less congestion, not to mention the environmental friendly cleaning process." They used to come pick up at my work but i work from home so they moved over to the house. I thought that I would have a tough time but the transition is easy. I'm surprised to see a couple below average reviews, but then again people think that old clothes will become new again once they are clean which is not the case. Anyway never lost a garment and always had clean pressed clothes, to say this is the worst place is way off!
-John F.

I've been a loyal customer for a few years now. No complaints at all! I love how they come to my work to pick up and drop off because the last thing I want to do after a long day is run errands. And super plus.......... they take back all of those crazy wire hangers! So fresh and so clean, clean!
-Jessica T.

The people who work the front desk are the most mentally quick dry cleaners that I've been to in San Diego. The guy with the pony tail is really fast. He should be a computer programmer or something. "Excellent value. I'll take a crapload of shirts there and my total will be like $11." They do quality work too. The shirts come back and look just as I expect them to. There's no weirdness or inconsistencies - just a well pressed shirt.
-Andrew C.

I only use relaxx for my dry cleaning, with the delivery to my doorstep, the competitive price, and "above and beyond" service attitude that is found at every level of the organization, it's a "no brainer"

Ryan L.

Honestly, what more could you want from your dry cleaners? These people know what they're doing.

Daneil T.

Relaxx does pick-up and drop-off for my place of business and I can honestly say I'm very impressed with their service, delivery, consistency, and their easy payment system online. Our residents depend (and quite frankly, expect) reliable service week in and week out when it comes to their dry cleaning. Towel service at our pool wouldn't be the same but from a personal standpoint I haven't even had a single button come off and my items come back in top-notch shape. Pricing is fair especially considering the high cost of pick-up/drop-off places cost me more than Relaxx!

K. G.

When i moved into our apartment in La Mesa  in june of 2009, we were informed that Relaxx offered pick up and drop off services at our door.  While this alone was enough of a hook to have me interested, i continued to use them over the course of 2 years because of the quality of their work and their competitive prices.  Not once was i disappointed, and after moving to Escondido, that is one of the things i miss the most from living there.  Give them a try, their service is world class! 

Chirs F.

Great service. Convenient and their prices are the same as anywhere else. Quick turn around. Timely delivery, great drivers

Steve F.

Relaxx has definitely made our lives easier!  They pick up my husband's shirts from his office, eliminating the need for extra trips.  If he needs something mended, he just leaves a note on his bag and the repairs are made.  I am also very pleased that Relaxx utilizes earth-friendly cleaning methods and have been very happy to see that they are phasing out the use of wire hangars in favor of those that can be recycled.  Great service, very easy!  Thank you, Relaxx!

Lindsey H.

I go to the Relaxx facility in Old Town on San Diego Avenue.  I love it!  Friendly service, cheaper prices than competitors in DT/Mission Hills/Old Town, and the clerk always remembers me, which is awesome (esp. since I have a somewhat difficult last name).  Relaxx, I'm sorry for cheating on you with Mission Hills Fabric Care.  Trust me, it will never happen again!

Holly A. 

It cant get any easier than this!  Not only do they pick up your dry cleaning, they'll drop it off to your door if you like, set you up for auto credit card payments AND provide you with your own drop-off bag.

The delivery/sales people are very friendly, helpful, and truly seem to enjoy their job.

Pricing is very reasonable, especially when you factor in the cost of the gas you save by having them pick it up.

Dana S.

have been using Relaxx for our dry cleaning needs since we moved to San Diego in late 2007.  They really are fabulous. Here's why:

1) They pick-up and return your clothes to your clothes to your house twice a week. I simply use the easy online scheduling tool to confirm the pick-up for Monday or Thursday. Then clean clothes are magically returned to me on the next Mon/Thurs.  

2) The guys there are so nice.  They really go out of their way to make their customers happy.  A friend of mine referred me to them in the first place and before I even started using them, I got a phone call from them asking if I wanted more info, etc.  It wasn't a sales-pitchy call either. It was just really niec.

3) My husband has often needed a suit cleaned by the next day and I have dropped it off at their place.  The guys have done it overnight and returned it to me without my having to go back to their shop again.

4) They do a great job getting the clothes clean and tidy!

I can't say enough good things about them.

Love Z.

They pick-up clothes in downtown which is so convenient for me.

I have found that the prices are very good and the work is very good.

4/28/08 Update

Just got 2 sweaters and a jacket cleaned and delivered back to me for $15.40.

Am I wrong in thinking this is a good price?

12/9/08 Update

My white biking shirt got caught in my greasy spokes and I thought it was ruined, but these guys made it look like new - how great is that? 

Sue S.

Great prices, great door to door service.  I'm a light user, but have been for over a year.  Great so far!  I used a Groupon.

Lance P.

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