Dry Cleaning

At relaxx Dry Cleaning we will exceed your expectations with our strong commitment to superior quality and service. relaxx Dry Cleaning operates San Diego’s largest and most state-of-the-art facility with professional staff that will take care of all your dry cleaning needs.

Dry Cleaning Solvent

Our dry cleaning services include but are not limited to Leather, Suede, Silk & Rayon garments, Shoes, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas, Tunics/Kudis, Bedding, Drapery, Curtains, Rugs, Window Coverings, Band Uniforms, Purses and Wedding Gowns.Unlike most dry cleaners, we at relaxx Dry Cleaning only use GreenEarthTM solvent; we do not use PERC solvent, which is considered environmentally hazardous, non-renewable and carcinogenic.

Barcode Labeling of Your Clothing

At relaxx Dry Cleaning we use tiny barcodes, roughly the size of a tic tac, allowing us through our state of the art garment management system, to monitor your garment throughout each step of the cleaning process while preventing human mistakes.

This is how it works:
The barcode is attached to your garment and scanned into our garment management system, which helps our professionals keep track of all your garments as well as any special requests or instructions. The coding system provides an exact description of what your garment is and where it is located in our facility. Thus, the barcodes provide us with greater tracking and accountability, in turn improving our overall quality and preventing garment loss.

Polyethylene Garment Bags and Hangers

At relaxx Dry Cleaning, we use the highest quality supplies, including our metal hangers and polyethylene bags. relaxx Dry Cleaning is happy to recycle our customers polyethylene (“poly”) garment bags and hangers.

relaxx vs. traditional cleaners

Not all dry cleaners are created equal! A discounted price isn’t all you’ll get at Low-price traditional cleaners. At relaxx Dry Cleaning we pride ourselves on providing the quality, service and convenience that you and your clothes deserve. Compare relaxx with your low-cost, discount cleaners and the difference is clear.

Traditional Dicount Dry Cleaners relaxx Dry Cleaning
Equipment Old, un-maintained equipment which affects the quality of cleaning, pressing and handling of clothes. State of the art, proffesionally maintained equipment that produces the highest quality cleaning, pressing and garment tracking in the industry
Materials/Hangers Cheap hangers that can essentially damage your clothes. Reusable hangers with shoulder guards.
Solvents Perchloroethylene: low-cost aggressive solvent that fades the color of your clothes and is unhealthy for humans. We use GreenEarth, which is the only sustainable environmentally-friendly, organic solvent.
Spotting Agents Because Perc is so aggressive, discount dry cleaners rarely use spotting agents to further inspect and spot stains on your clothes. Every garment process is inspected and treated for stains prior to cleaning.
Detergent Because discount dry cleaners use aggressive solvents to clean your clothes, they often do not use any detergent. relaxx Dry Cleaning uses detergents with fabric softeners, optical brighteners and static guards, ensuring the highest possible quality while maximizing the life of your garment.
Optical Brighteners Discount dry cleaners do not use optical brighteners to enhance the color of your clothes. We use optical brighteners to enhance the color of your clothes.
Barcodes Discount dry cleaners do not use barcodes for tracking purposes, thus have a higher rate of misplaced, lost and damaged items due to the use stapled tracking tags that easliy tear off. We use barcodes to track your clothes through the cleaning process. No more tags to rip off and pins or staples putting holes in your items.
Buttons: Broken Buttons Guaranteed Discount dry cleaners seldom replace your broken buttons. We replace all broken buttons with high-quality, virtually indestructible and durable buttons.
Whitening Discount dry cleaners reuse solvent, which turns whites gray and decreases the brightness of colors. We use virgin solvent every time, ensuring your items truly clean while maintaining thier brightness and color.