Wedding Gown Preservation

Fine Professional Wedding Gown Preservation
You have invested a great deal on that special dress. If not cared for after the wedding, it will become yellowed and damaged with the passing years. Hidden stains like perspiration, champagne, or sugar will usually yellow in less than 4 years if not removed. Further, improper storage can be as damaging as doing nothing at all. Give your gown proper care now, and your gown can be safely stored and used for generations to come.
When you bring your Wedding Gown to us, we make sure no shortcuts are taken in the processing and heir looming of your gown. Prior to cleaning, all stains are gently pre-spotted to assist in removal. Next, your garment is cleaned in a special mild agitation process, along with our unique Green Earth detergents to bring out the brightness our your gown. Two employee work to professionally press and preserve your gown. Our preservation boxes are 100% acid free and our methods are those recommended by the International Fabricare Institute. The task of preserving a wedding gown is multi-faceted.

It involves:

• Proper inspection of all areas of the gown
• Proper testing of all the different beading and trim
• Selection of the soaps and solvents needed to carefully remove all stains
• Gentle cycle cleaning in a specially designed wedding gown net
• Careful re-inspection of all trim and soiled areas
• Meticulous pressing and stuffing with acid-free paper to ensure no fading over time
• Sewing of any loose beads or buttons or trim
• Careful placement in an acid-free box to ensure safe storage over the years

All these steps are taken to ensure your complete satisfaction in knowing that your gown will be a valued keepsake in your family for many years to come.